Achieving Financial Freedom Through CRE Investing | Neil Timmins

Aug 12, 2022

Our guest today, Neil Timmins, talks about his real estate journey starting as a realtor and now, heading a company with a diversified portfolio focusing mainly on commercial and industrial real estate. Initially tying his hopes for passive income on single-family rentals, he’s learned the hard way that this asset is anything but passive. Listen now and learn how he found more stable cash flow and better returns, and at last, achieved financial freedom through commercial real estate investing.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Neil’s career history started as a banker, then, inspired by his mother’s success as a realtor, became one himself, then to single-family rentals and on to commercial real estate investing.
  • Skills that Neil learned as a banker and a realtor gave him an advantage in real estate investing.
  • What is direct-response marketing and how does Neil use direct-response marketing in his business today?
  • The KPIs that Neil tracks as they reach out to commercial property owners.
  • His quest for time and financial freedom led Neil to transition from single-family rentals to commercial real estate investing.
  • How Neil found success in industrial, retail, medical office, and traditional office real estate.
  • Neil’s debt strategy considers the inflationary capital market conditions today.
  • Why it’s important for Neil to build relationships with people who can become partners or advisors on aspects of his business including debt financing.
  • The metrics that Neil considers when looking at commercial property deals.
  • Why Neil believes that RE investors will have the opportunity of a lifetime to create monumental wealth even amidst a very different borrowing environment.
  • What are Neil’s goals for the next five years?
  • Habits that contribute to Neil’s success and his contact details.