Building a 12 Mobile Home Park Portfolio While Still Having a Full Time Job (out of choice) with Rudy Curtler

Sep 2, 2022

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Let’s look at mobile home parks from a different point of view in this episode with Rudy Curtler, who found his freedom from this asset class in many aspects. Today, you’ll discover its growth in the market over the last few years, pitfalls and opportunities in this business model, and how it can genuinely diversify an investor’s investment portfolio. This conversation brings something you can use to build your foundation for success, so tune in!

Key Takeaways from this episode

  • Tremendous opportunities in mobile home parks
  • Common mistakes to avoid when investing in mobile home parks
  • The basics of managing mobile home park utilities
  • Benefits of having different perspectives and way of thinking in problem-solving
  • Things that make people afraid from taking the first leap to a new venture

About Rudy Curtler

Rudy is currently a Principal Partner CEO at Sawgrass Capital Partners and he has been in real estate investing since 2007 with 25+ years of executive leadership experience with $1B+ companies. He discovered real estate investing while working as an executive leader within Best Buy. After years of investing in single-family homes, Rudy wanted to diversify into another real estate option. After learning about mobile home parks, he knew he couldn’t go wrong. The very first mobile home park that he invested in is still bringing in strong returns to this day and he has since successfully transitioned full-time into real estate investing.

He has also been featured to share his expertise around investing in mobile home parks on episode 195 of the BiggerPockets Podcast. 

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