From Investor to Commercial Broker with Raphael Collazo

Nov 7, 2022

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In this episode, we’ll dive deeper into commercial real estate and how to seize its opportunities. Raphael Collazo will spill the secrets of this multifamily niche and how to diversify your investment portfolio by closing commercial deals. Dial in today and learn from his expertise!

Key Takeaways From This Episode

  • Perks of owning a retail real estate business
  • What investors and brokers should understand about commercial real estate
  • The most important thing to do when starting your own business
  • An effective approach to overcoming challenges in real estate
  • Qualities a real estate investor must have

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About Raphael Collazo

Raphael Collazo is a licensed commercial real estate agent specializing in retail and multi-family properties. Transitioning from a career in software, Raphael brings a strong technical background and a love for dissecting complex problems to his client interactions. These characteristics enable him to provide innovative and effective real estate solutions to help his clients get the most out of each transaction. As a real estate investor himself, Raphael is acutely aware of what investors look for when evaluating commercial property. As a result, he’s able to offer a unique perspective and help his clients make the best possible decision based on their financial goals.

​Prior to joining the Grisanti Group, Raphael worked as a software implementation consultant for FAST Enterprises, a software company that provides C.O.T.S software products to government agencies. Having lived and worked in various locations around the United States and abroad, including Pordenone, Italy, Phoenix, Arizona, Washington D.C, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Louisville, Kentucky, Raphael has gained a unique understanding of cultural intricacies and has leveraged those experiences to expand his professional network to better serve his clients.

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