Funding Commercial Deals Banks Won’t Do with Jack Miller

Aug 1, 2022

Today, we got the man who experienced it all and thrived through historic recessions since the 1980s. Financial expert Jack Miller highlights what they do differently in the market, their mission to change lives financially, and some advice on overcoming your fear of grabbing opportunities despite market changes. If you’re worried about funding your deals, we got you in this episode!

Key Takeaways from this episode

  • Gelt Financial: How it started, what it offers to the commercial investing space and what it does differently in the market
  • Why is it important for investors to do due diligence and research?
  • What makes real estate a competitive investment despite rising interest rates
  • Several aspects contributing to a resilient mindset
  • Good qualities of people and team that build a business success
  • The kind of mindset that investors must avoid

References/Links Mentioned

The Man In The Arena Quotes by Theodore Roosevelt 

About Jack Miller

Jack Miller has spent a lifetime in the world of Finance, Commercial Mortgage & Real Estate Investing world and has loved most of it. He founded and has been the driving force for numerous financial service companies. He has lived and survived many market cycles and overcame them. He’s focused and battle-tested.

President and Founder of Gelt Financial, LLC a national private mortgage-banking firm. That focus on non-bank, private and opportunistic commercial, and residential investment mortgages. Started Gelt Charitable Foundation what deals puts on Suicide Prevention and Mental Health workshops throughout the world.

Some of Jack’s specialties are Commercial Real Estate Investments, Commercial and Real Estate Investment Financing, Specialty Financing, DIP Financing, Business Financing, Equipment Financing, Tax liens, Loan Workouts, Restructuring, Accounts Receivable and Factoring, Property Management, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Discounted Note Purchase Financing, Distressed Debt purchases, Loan workouts, preferred equity and mezzanine Recapitalization. Partnership structures, LP and GP Investing. TIC Investing, Non traded minority interests in partnerships, they are both debt and equity providers.

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