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If you’re tired of the risk and uncertainty that comes along with traditional investment methods such as stocks and bonds, it’s time to turn to the potential that lies in the real estate market.

When you work with us, we’ll safely employ your capital and get you the adequate, consistent cash flow you’re looking for.

Let us provide you with  dependable monthly returns.


Start by scheduling a free consultation. We’ll chat more about your needs and what you’re looking for when it comes to real estate investments.


Next, we’ll take care of the heavy lifting. Our team will find consistent properties for you to invest in, providing you with the consistent cash returns you need to grow your investment portfolio.


Have peace of mind knowing your days of unreliable investing are over. We’ll make sure you’re never behind and are taking advantage of each opportunity that comes your way.

Neil Timmins is the real estate expert you’ve been looking for.

Regardless of your investment background, the team at Legacy Impact Partners has your back. Today’s real estate market is ripe with opportunity, and we’re going to make sure you aren’t letting that cash slip away.

Whether it’s an apartment, warehouse, flip, or land development, we’re going to help you build a business that you can trust for safe, steady returns.

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