My First Apartment Syndication with Max Moala

Sep 16, 2022

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If you’re starting to figure out how to scale your real estate business and have doubts or fears about going more extensive, you better listen to today’s episode. Max Moala shares his bold story of investing in single-family into his first multifamily apartment syndication for a short period and how he transitioned into this niche. Don’t miss out on this learning opportunity to rapidly grow your real estate investment!

Key Takeaways From This Episode

  • Viable ways to scale from single-family fix and flips to multifamily
  • Differences in deal underwriting between wholesaling and multifamily syndication
  • The importance of determining your market in strategizing multifamily acquisition
  • Benefits of having a team with the same goals and interrelated skill sets
  • Common fears that investors must overcome in real estate


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About Max Moala

Max Moala is the CEO & Founder of API Investments. He has been a Single Family Real Estate Investor for 5+ years. Now focused on Multifamily in the Tx, OK, AL, and LA markets. In January of 2022, Max quit his 6-figure W2 job, sold their home and then he and his family moved to Dallas, TX in pursuit of their dream. Within 6 months he is now a General Partner on 90 units and a Limited Partner on 160 units. He studied accounting at the University of Utah where he played football and won a national championship on their 7s rugby team.

He is a Co-owner of Live to give Realty LLC, Managing Member of Poly Capital Group LLC, and Co-Owner of an SFR wholesale business on pace for a $1M run rate in year one. Staffing industry he managed the top-performing branch and grew the office from <$1M to over $9M annual profit within 3 years, Bringing in over $100MM in gross revenue total in his tenure of 5 years.

Max served a 2-year church mission in the West Indies. Married for 12 years with 3 children under 3. 

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