No Bull. All Commercial Real Estate with Michael Bull

Sep 9, 2022

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What is it for investors to have a good relationship with brokers? Learn it from this episode with Michael Bull telling us their role in the success of a deal, what kind of investor you must be in front of a broker, and some advice to be ahead of the competition in a fast-changing real estate market. Stay tuned to this show for more valuable conversations!

Key Takeaways From This Episode

  • Advice for investors on how to establish and develop a relationship with brokers
  • How brokers evaluate and qualify buyers/investors
  • Best asset classes to invest in in the current market condition
  • Business culture, structure, and core values of an ideal commercial brokerage firm
  • Most difficult times and downturns of running a brokerage firm
  • Why investors should focus on their goals and the good things despite the situation of the market

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About Michael Bull

Michael Bull, CCIM, founder and CEO of Bull Realty is an active commercial real estate broker licensed in nine states who have assisted clients with over 6 billion dollars of transactions. Mr. Bull founded Bull Realty in 1998 with two primary missions: to provide a company of brokers known for integrity and to provide the best disposition marketing in the nation. On top of industry-leading disposition services, the firm provides client-focused acquisition, project leasing, tenant representation, and advisory services in each property sector.

You may have seen Michael as the host of America’s Commercial Real Estate Show. The popular weekly show began broadcasting in 2010 and today is enjoyed by over 60,000 industry participants around the country. Economists, analysts, and industry leaders join Michael weekly to share market intel, forecasts, and strategies. The show is available on-demand on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Michael speaks at commercial real estate events around the country. His involvement with professional organizations includes CCIM, National Association of REALTORS, Atlanta Leaders Group, Real Estate Group Atlanta, and the National Federal Development Association (NFDA).

He personally leads a team assisting clients with the acquisition and disposition of U.S. office buildings. His team closed $400 million in office building sales last year. Michael’s hobbies include music, comedy, motorcycling, and performance boating.

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