The Real Grit Podcast

Real Estate is about freedom: choice, time, and money freedom.


It’s about the impact you can make with your freedom.

But, it doesn’t come without cost. Your freedom takes work.

After being recognized by the Wall Street Journal for having a Top 100 RE/MAX team, Neil Timmins pivoted to investing. His portfolio depth has encompassed everything from residential to apartments, office, retail, industrial, and land. Neil has been involved in over $300,000,000 worth of transactions.

Neil brings together all the tools you need to build your real estate legacy. From tips and tricks to interviews with industry titans….it’s all here in one place. “Real Grit”!

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A true visionary, dreamer, and problem-solver, Neil J. Timmins is on a mission to make a deep personal impact in the lives of his team members and business partners. Neil is committed to establishing a lasting legacy through his work as a real-estate investor and mentor. After co-raising $1,000,000 for the Maverick Investment Club at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, he went on to begin his career at Wells Fargo. From there, he launched into real estate.

In short order, he was recognized by the Wall Street Journal as one of the Top 100 RE/MAX teams and was the #1 RE/MAX Agent in Iowa by 29. He has been involved in over $300,000,000 in real estate transactions. Neil’s industry experience and portfolio depth ranges from residential to industrial. Neil is a believer in synergy and routinely partners with other investors on transactions.