Real Estate Entrepreneur By Solving Problems with Eric Martel

Aug 8, 2022

Learn some passive income streams you don’t even realize as we got a Turnkey expert Eric Martel on the show! Today, he’ll share his highs and lows when he’s taking advantage of the tech industry as an investment and how he serves as the solution for other people’s problems. Join us in this episode with not just one but several ways to build an investment portfolio!

Key Takeaways from this episode

  • Criteria and markets you could consider in building a passive income portfolio
  • Turnkey: What it means in real estate and how it basically works
  • Advantages of investing in blockchains and tokenization
  • Value and purpose of the book ‘Stop Trading Your Time for Money’
  • The complication of investing in stocks and technology-based investments
  • Excellent tips on how to achieve financial freedom in real estate

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About Eric Martel

Eric Martel is a Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Author, and Speaker. He purchased his first apartment building at just 18 years of age while still at university. After graduation, in his position as an actuary, he was dismayed to see hundreds of company pension plans being rolled over into 401(k)s shifting the retirement risk to employees. This made him reconsider traditional beliefs about saving for retirement. After the Dotcom crash of 2001, he started looking for ways to earn passive income and founded MartelTurnkey with his family. Eric now shares what he has learned, so you too can stop trading your time for money.

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