Triple Offer Strategy with David Pupo

Nov 25, 2022

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There’s a unique strategy to do real estate wholesaling that emphasizes the value of sellers and decreases the chance of deal rejections, and David Pupo is joining this episode to talk about this deal-closing technique. Dial in to better understand “triple offer” and how to structure it to be your most efficient deal-making tool!

Key Takeaways From This Episode

  • Real estate wholesaling: Processes and its challenges
  • Ways to protect your investments against the market’s volatility
  • 3 factors affecting the seller’s true motivation
  • How to structure and present your offers using the “triple offer” strategy
  • The power of education and curiosity in building a successful business

References/Links Mentioned

Bigger Pockets Podcast

About David Pupo

In 2016, David Pupo left the corporate world, saved 3 months of expenses and bet on himself to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship and real estate. He and his team have sold over 300 properties while simultaneously building a portfolio of rentals. But this was not accomplished without adversity caused by inexperience and poor decisions made along the way. 

David is passionate about continued education and tracking results. This allows him to help other wholesalers avoid rookie mistakes and accelerate their success toward creating an efficient and profitable business.

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